Monday, March 31, 2008

Three days not too late

My editor is semi-retired and does not work on Mondays (or Wednesdays or Fridays)rather she does not go to the office.

First thing this morning, however, she called me from home to ask if I'd seen the news
about the Siegel family ruling in the New York Times (indeed I had, along with 1,894 other articles and posts on the subject; see my last two entries).

She said she had been anxious about it all weekend.

At first I thought she was going to say the book's off.

But before my blood pressure went up, up, and away, she explained that she was anxious because she wouldn't know until today if we'd have time to amend the book's afterword to reflect this.

Though I was told several weeks ago it was too late to make two other small changes to the text (unrelated to the litigation), now it's okay! The book is scheduled to print starting April 3, so we just made it.

The convention is for the author to "sign" the afterword and date it the month the book will publish, even though the book is printed months before. (I wanted to use April 18, 2008, indicated in court papers as the date Action Comics #1 went on sale.) However, if we would not mention this March 2008 ruling while keeping the date as "August 2008," I would look sloppy, to say the least.

Good Timing, I owe you a smoothie.

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Billy Hogan said...

I'm glad to read you will be able to include this most recent court ruling in your book. I'm still plugging your book on my podcast "Superman Fan Podcast". I also look forward to your blogs on Bill Finger.
Billy Hogan