Thursday, April 10, 2008

book promotion story 2: "You already eat like Superman..."

I like to write books on subjects that have not been the focus of a book before.

Similarly, I like to promote books in places where books have rarely been promoted before.

Of course, this is not instead of bookstores. But in a bookstore, you're swimming upstream in a river wild with competition. Whereas in, say, an amusement park or a hotel or a hardware store, you are drifting blissfully downstream on a clear day—usually alone. The jewel of the Nile.

So I pitched a handful of ideas to a receptive marketing person at Whole Foods, the country's largest natural market.

© DC Comics, Whole Foods Market

One idea is simply a book giveaway to members of their Kids Club to reinforce the chain's healthy lifestyle initiative: "You already eat like Superman. Now read about him."

Another would be more symbiotic
—and more of a scene. I gave it the needs-work title of "The Super Eating Challenge." At this in-store event, kids who try seven fruits and vegetables they've never eaten before—possibly in front of an audiencewin a signed copy of my book. Seven is for the seven decades of Superman.

Of course, all the fruits and veggies offered will be red, blue, or yellow
. (Eggplant counts as blue.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marc,

I really like your blog. We're thinking about creating one for our future web site redesign. I wonder if you would be interested in contributing to it.

More to come!

Susan K.