Friday, April 18, 2008

Seventy years ago today...

...Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's Superman first went on sale in Action Comics #1.

My earliest Superman memory is being six, sitting in my pajamas with my parents (who were not in pajamas) in the front row of the single-screen movie theater in my Connecticut hometown, absorbing every colorful moment of Superman: The Movie. Looking back, it feels as though I had a superpower of my ownthe ability to watch the whole thing without blinking.

By the time I discovered Superman, Jerry and Joe (both born in 1914) were old men. By today's standards, people in their sixties are not old, but Jerry and Joe had struggled through much of their lives.

I don't remember if I then asked for a Superman comic or if my dad brought one as a surprise, but I do remember the issue: Superman Family #196.

Okay, it's no
Action Comics #1.

But every kid's first Superman comic is his own Action Comics #1.

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