Friday, May 16, 2008

The first "Boys of Steel" review... in!

The book is not out until July 22 and the review will not be published until the 6/1/08 issue, so though I have it, I don't think it's my right to post it here...yet.

What I can say, and may repeat, possibly even to strangers in passing, is that it is a starred review. Not on a scale
—not x out of 5 stars—but a simple lone star to indicate special merit.

By various accounts, the two publications that are most influential in terms of library penetration are School Library Journal and this one.

Sometime before I reveal the full review, take this short quiz:

1. I think the publication you're not mentioning is...

a. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
b. Las Vegas Home & Design
c. Booklist
d. Publishers Weekly

2. Which seems like a real excerpt from the review?

a. "A four-color romp spotlighting two teens who couldn't get a girl but who got a whopper of an idea"
b. "Factual muscle behind the subject’s literary brawn ... this robust treatment does [Siegel and Shuster's] story justice"
c. "[Kids] will thrill to the story behind Superman just as they have to stories about him"
d. "Introducing young readers to the dawn of comic books in a picture book...why did this take so long?"

Answers June 1.

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