Monday, May 19, 2008

The Joe Shuster Awards

I am not Canadian. Unlike many Americans, however, I can locate Canada on a map. (Just don't test me on Missouri.)

Joe Shuster, the artist half of the team who created Superman, was Canadian-born. This June 14, up in Toronto, they'll be holding the 4th annual Joe Shuster Awards for Canadian comic book creators. I have even less of a chance of winning one of these than I do of winning an Oscar or the Kentucky Derby.

They have a piece of art on their site that is one of the coolest Superman-related images I've seen in recent memory; here's the art for this year's event. And their organizer Jame Waley is one nice guy. He's kindly offered to take a stack of postcards off my hands and distribute them to the attendees of the all-day event, held in a library.

In honor of the awards that honor Joe, I'm recommending a short (literally a minute) film that a Canadian heritage company made about him. It's almost entirely inaccurate but it is fun nonetheless.

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