Saturday, September 12, 2009

Most did shave, actually

The New York Public Library children's section, under the sure stewardship of Betsy Bird, hosts a regular program called the Children's Literary Café.

The theme of the one I had the honor to participate in: "Men Who Write Children's Books, Live in the New York City Area, and Shave Irregularly."

Yet all four of us showed up facially groomed (for the most part):

Mike Rex = goatee
Jon Scieszka =
little hair patch under lip (name?)
Brian Floca = smooth (though he had a full beard when I pitched this idea to Betsy)
= two-day stubble

It was standing room only and a discussion that (for me, anyway) ended too soon. The audience was most gracious and mostly non-face-shavers (i.e. women).

We didn't get the chance to take a photo until a while after it ended, by which point Jon had unfortunately already left, but here he is, and here are the rest of us:

Use the key above to match the name to the facial hair. You get one freebie: Betsy is the one in the dress.

9/14/09 addendum: Betsy's post about this.

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John Rocco said...

Scieszka sports a soul patch.
That's what those beatnicks call it anyway. Just enough facial hair to be able to say "that guy's not a banker".
Sorry I couldn't be there. I really wanted to come, and as I haven't shaved since early July, my beard is home to a family of nesting pigeons.