Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Superman through my ages

We're far from Halloween but Purim just passed, so it is an apt time to post all the photos I have of me dressed as Superman. Yes, the author photo on the back flap of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman was not an isolated embarrassment.

In truth, I'm actually not embarrassed. We all can't be held accountable for haircuts before the age of 18. (The 1970s and 1980s are on trial here, too.)

This was not an "official" costume but rather me in Superman pajamas
(and my sister in civilian pajamas).

This was my first time dressing as Superman for Halloween though, of course, being forced to wear a winter coat over a costume makes it null and void, so...

...I needed a do-over. This was a homemade costume. And yes, I was 12 here, not 8. In fact, I wore this to a 7th grade party (speaking of bravery). Another photo from this photo shoot is the one in Boys of Steel.

Senior year in high school is no time to wear your underwear over your pants, so I went as Clark Kent instead. I thought this was staggeringly original, unaware that thousands of other people did it first.

However, these were not all of my superhero getups. See also: a Robin Retrospective.

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Derek W said...

It's like the DC Elseworlds Series... great pics!