Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vanishing acts for the classroom

Vanished: True Stories of the Missing is most appropriate for grades 4 and up. It can have a place in curriculum!

(Currently, the title is available exclusively through Scholastic: simply call 800-724-6527, push prompt 3, then prompt 1, and order item #514472 with a credit card.)

Teachers and librarians, here are some easy classroom/library activities related to the book. Your students can...

  • ...write a possible "next chapter" for any of the people in the book who weren't heard from again. Solve the mystery!
  • ...research another missing person (besides Amelia Earhart). You may want to research this yourself first and offer students a pre-screened choice of individuals; otherwise they may stumble across a case that involves aspects of human behavior you don't want to expose them to (and which I didn't include in Vanished).
  • ...create a handbook on how to search for missing people. They can each write one or the class can create one together with each student writing or illustrating a separate section. Students can interview a police officer or detective!
  • a missing persons web site (real or on paper) to disseminate information and receive tips. The established site already does this and does it well, but perhaps your students will have new ideas!
  • ...create a "Have you seen...?" poster for any of the people in the book, including vital info taken from the story.

Chime in with more ideas!

12/15/11 update: Scholastic produced a Reading Group Guide with some great ideas and questions.

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