Monday, September 13, 2010

Pirate haiku

As I'm sure you've noticed, neither pirates nor haikus are subjects that have gotten enough exposure here on Noblemania.

All that is about to change. (But then immediately go back to the way it was.)

Friend and enterprising fellow author Michael Spradlin has created a fun and clever site to spread the word about his equally fun and clever new book, Pirate Haiku. And he's recruited a motley bunch of literary landlubbers to join in the merriment: authors whom he asked to write their own pirate haikus.

Here's how mine starts:

Here’s what me missing:
One eye, two thumbs, three rib bones
Set sail for here to read other pirate haikus and the five-syllable conclusion to mine, a cliffhanger even shorter than the plank I could be made to walk should any real pirate catch wind of this heresy.

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