Friday, January 14, 2011

Adults like pictures, too

I was curious to discover a six-minute New Hampshire Public Radio segment (posted 11/29/10) about picture books for grown-ups.

In the intro, the host refers to them as “children’s books for adults.” The segment cites a growing trend of adults buying picture books for adults.

Technically, two types of books are under discussion here:
  • illustrated books marketed primarily to children but also of interest to adults
  • illustrated books marketed to adults but designed to (at first) resemble children’s books
No matter the angle, any coverage of picture books for older readers is good by me.

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L. Williams said...

If adults didn't like pictures too, picture books would be no fun for kids either! They author them, they design them, they create them, and if they don't present them with enthusiasm, it's all for nothing.
Thanks for the post, Marc!