Sunday, January 2, 2011

Attack of the non-automated spam comments

Lately this blog has been infested with “comments” from various V!agra sites (though they are most likely all the same “company”). I thought that drug was supposed to increase, well, something else.

While most of those comments do indicate that a human being has indeed read the post s/he is commenting on, many also indicate the commenter’s failure to grasp some English grammar basics. They need to develop a
V!agra for syntax dysfunction.

I delete the comments as they pop up, just as you do with any weed. Yet not before saving the best ones. I won’t leave them
strewn across my blog as comments with active hyperlinks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to see them.

They are, after all, hilarious.

And I am, I hope, not really this mean. But here is a sampling, unedited aside from a probably ineffective spam-foiling exclamation point, and with my comments on the comments:

really your book could be used as a educative material? because if this is true you can assure that I gonna take this into a count for my child.

MTN: Yes, but apparently not educative enough to teach you that the word is “educational.”

I agree in the sense that nonfiction could be very interesting, and actually it is! I think it is important to take into account real issues

MTN: Please elaborate. No, I think it is important to take into account fake requests.

I remember when I lived at the same house in New Jersey with my grandmother, I like the infprmation because it is so funny and I hope you live happy in your next house.

MTN: Um…huh?

Interesting post, he was a huge celebrity I dont care what people say, he was amazing.

MTN: Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel was many things, including possibly amazing, but he was far from a “huge celebrity.” And besides, the post is about Jerry’s father, who was even further from being a huge celebrity.

I don't know what to say because this title reminded me Christmas eve, because white day is when snow is falling, sorry if I was a bit out of sense.

MTN: A bit? Also, if you don’t know what to say here, please don
t try.

Vanished is a very interesting book , I remember when I was in the school and I read a similar book in the bookstore of the college.

Ah, yes, I can see how that would be a distinct memory. I suspect it was the only book you read in college. And I sure wonder what “college” this could have been.

the most part of this book has passed for my hands, except titanic, I don't like that history, I knew it how end before I started to read the book.

MTN: Except Vanished does not mention the Titanic. So I guess you learned about that obscure story in

I think Hitler had a deep hatred towards everything that causes great pleasure to people such as reading Superman comics! If he tried it now people would kill him right away. Superman comics are still very appreciated.

MTN: Hmm. I wonder if our leading WWII experts have ever considered this view of Hitler.

Bill Finger must be considered an idol for having created Batman! I've liked Batman since I was a kid because it looks so powerful and mysterious that he must be the best superhero.

MTN: Okay, I do gotta agree that Finger is that cool.

My son made some somolar drawings , I felt so happy when he gave me it , I have a question? Why you do make more blogs like this? It blog is so nice friends congratulations.

MTN: I don’t make more blogs like this because I can handle only so many spam comments, mangled or otherwise.

Really cool blog brother. I've been coming here for quite some time, but I've never commented before. This blog is a constant inspiration like Generic

MTN: The one that made me laugh out loud. Guess which two words were a hyperlink?

And never commented before? They need to develop a V!agra for memory dysfunction.

I can’t wait to see if you comment on this post.


Unknown said...

Well, that's a complete pain! I am lucky enough to use Akimset on my blog (a WordPress blog I host myself). Hard to believe Google doesn't have similar abilities....

Anonymous said...

My latest spam comment was from a Las Vegas Escort service telling me I have a "nice" blog. It's incredible how they find us.