Thursday, March 10, 2011

I think we’re in Kansas again

On 3/8/11, I had three Kansas kommitments. First, NBC affiliate KSHB interviewed me about Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman.

It’s always fascinating to be reminded how a news show runs; no time for small talk before you go live, barely time for introductions. You’re just nudged onto the soundstage without knowing where exactly to go or even if you can move without screwing up a shot. Within seconds, you’re seated, miked, and thrown into an interview with a person who most likely has done almost no prep on you. In this case, the interviewer, Christa Dubill, got the details correct, was very sweet, and seemed genuinely interested. It was fun for me to get another chance to play up the
Superman-Kansas connection, and the (aptly named) Action News team seemed tickled by it.

From there, I jetted to Pleasant Ridge Elementary in Overland Park, a hearty school with an inventive dedication to nurturing and challenging its students.

It’s also the only school I’ve been to that has a bathtub in its library.

After Pleasant Ridge, I headed to a children's literature festival.

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