Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Filming at San Diego Comic-Con

I am just back from my first pilgrimage to Comic-Con and my most surprising takeaway is this: parking (with one exception over three days) was far easier than I was expecting.

Down to business. We were fortunate to get a generous hour-and-a-half each with two of the busiest guys in the business, Michael Uslan and Mark Evanier.

Both were extremely well-spoken, forthcoming, and committed to the moment. No disclaimer (“I have only a few minutes”) or regular watch-checking.

We also filmed a good number of Batmen, Robins, Jokers, Batgirls, and even a couple of burlap-headed Scarecrows. All (with one exception) were good sports, and most (unsurprisingly) had not heard of Bill Finger, without whom they might’ve been dressed as Space Ghost or Strawberry Shortcake.

I didn’t take photos (with one exception) of the costumes because everyone else did. I knew if, once home, I wanted to see if anyone dressed as Jabba the Hutt, the Internet would answer me.

One highlight: attending the 6th annual Bill Finger Awards for Excellence in Comic Book Writing.

Emcee Mark Evanier breezily and touchingly summed up Finger. (We happened to bump into Mark both heading into and ducking out of the awards, and chatted a bit both times.)

Another highlight: I brought a handful of my Bill Finger T-shirts to randomly distribute to Batmaniacs. I decided to do that at the line for the premiere of Batman: Year One, which was so long it stretched outside, down stairs, practically to the horizon line. I did this by asking “Who wants a free Batman shirt?” (A little deceptive but not immorally so.)

A few minutes later, I glanced out and happened to see one of the people who asked for a shirt still holding it. (When they discovered the shirt does not show Batman, I figured it possible that some would no longer be interested in owning it.) I got her attention, gestured for her to hold up shirt, and took a photo, though just then she was being moved along so the pic is blurry. Still, fun to spot my little promotional item now out in the wild.


Bob Buethe said...

Sounds like fun. I've never been to SDCC, but I watched the televised coverage on G4. I'm planning to attend the NY Comic Con for the first time in October.

The photo was blurry. What does it say on your shirt?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Hi Bob - here's a close-up of the shirt, front and back: http://noblemania.blogspot.com/2011/07/batman-world-premiere-at-san-diego.html.

Mel from L.A. said...

Wow never been to comicon? I've been 4 times, and would have gone this year had it not been sold out. I think I will volunteer next year so I am guaranteed admission. Maybe I will see you.

Yeah good job. way to get the word out. Nice of DC to sponsor. When the book comes out will you go to comic stores, or only schools and bookstores? I'll buy the book for sure. Oh, will the photos on this site be in the book too? Like the buildings?

Mel said...

batman film producer Michael Ulsan? wow I guess DC is trying to help you

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Mel - thanks as always. When the book is out, I will go to every conceivable place if they'll have me! I appreciate your support. The book will have a few photos but none that have already appeared on the blog.