Sunday, July 3, 2011

How you found me: part 7

Exactly one year after the previous installment, here is the seventh (and possibly final) look at some of the wackiest search terms that have catapulted people to this blog:
  • how to become a film director for kids
  • batman inflatable rental near oconomowoc wi
  • vanished: true talis of the missing by marc nobleman [MTN: not to be confused with this]
  • [MTN: also covered here]
  • ghosts OR conspiracy OR dimensions OR bermuda triangle OR black holes OR ziggurat OR scenery OR hardcore OR new age OR pyramids [MTN: this search probably brought up just about every blog]
  • while both words were at one time insulting, nowadays they are routinely used as terms of endearment
  • a book call the golden to say yes
  • winter words that begin with s
  • examples of cartoon obsessive interests
  • is it a nerd or a geek that can take apart the computer
  • who is Superman [MTN: really?]

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