Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Boys of Steel" at Six Flags: proof at last

Please come back 8/30/11 for the continuation of the massive "Super '70s and '80s" series, running most days between now and 10/12/11! And for today, a post of "regularly scheduled content":

In June, I "reported" that a friend discovered my book Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman in a Six Flags gift shop. That it was there was not a surprise, since I'd worked hard in 2008 to pitch them. That it is
still there is something of a surpriseand a pleasant one, even if these are the same still-unsold copies brought in three years ago!

The friend who told me of this in June went back in August (presumably for attractions other than my book) and kindly snapped and sent these photos:

I suspect (but will never attempt to prove) that this is the first hardcover nonfiction book to be sold in an amusement park gift shop. Not exactly a distinction worthy of Guiness, I know.