Saturday, September 3, 2011

Third round of Bill Finger sketches—now in color!

Please come back tomorrow for the continuation of the massive "Super '70s and '80s" series, running most days between now and 10/12/11! And for today, a post of "regularly scheduled content":

In January, I saw Ty Templeton's stellar first sketches for my 2012 picture book on Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman.

In March, Charlesbridge sent the first round of revisions.

This month, I received the first color art.

All three sets came postally, not digitally, and all three came in envelopes hand-designed by my peerless editor Alyssa Pusey. This is a testament not only to Alyssa's cleverness but also to the versatility of Batman's iconography.

To recap...

Round 1:

Round 2:

And now, round 3! Drum roll please...

Will there be a round 4, and if so, can Alyssa outdo herself yet again? I'm sure she thrives on the pressure I'm publicly applying!

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