Friday, November 18, 2011

My PSA for PBS Guam

This was one highlight of many on my recent two-week author trip to Guam.

I talked extra slowly because they told me to. I didn't smile because they didn't tell me to. And upon seeing this finished cut, I wish I had talked slightly faster and flashed teeth more.

But overall, it was fun and I am pleased, especially with the zooming-backwards-through-bookshelves effect, which was not a typhoon (common in those parts) but rather just some movie magic. Thank you, PBS!


Richard said...

I've been in a tv commercial and I know this is a bit harder than it looks. You did a good job here! (When I saw mine, I wanted to track down every copy of the videotape and put them all through a bulk eraser.)

Tanya T said...

Si Yu'os Ma'ase for visiting my home island of Guam. I am a former English teacher and worked with Mr. Pilarca. I miss IRA. You have done a great service for the children. Great PSA.