Sunday, November 6, 2011

November is Picture Book Month

The first annual Picture Book Month is in progress, and I'm honored to be one of 30 authors and author-illustrators who are a part of it.

Actually, more than 30 are a part of it.

Regardless of who is on that list, everyone who writes and illustrates this longstanding art form is a part of it.

And you can take part as well, in any number of simple ways:

  • Read a picture book to a young person.
  • Continue to support the form by buying picture books and checking them out of the library.
  • Revisit a picture book you loved as a child but haven't seen since then.
  • Look behind-the-scenes at some tips and tricks picture book creators use.
  • Check back every day in November to see what picture books mean to the people who create them, and the people for whom they create them.
  • Consider that picture books are at once the first books, movies, and stories that we all experience, yet they are for all ages.
  • Go back to the first suggestion. Repeat daily.

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