Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Author Institute at Frostburg (MD) State University

On 7/10/12, I had the honor of presenting to teachers and graduate students who signed up for the Frostburg (MD) University "Meet the Author" program. After an intimate, conversational presentation that spilled into a second hour, several of the participants kindly took me to lunch where they ran the risk of seeing a piece of lettuce get stuck in my teeth. (But I default to salads for lunch when I'm working; carbs = sleepy.)

I was one of three authors speaking during the weeklong event. The participants were divided into smaller groups, each of which had to create a project on its author. Here are glimpses of how the poor group stuck with me managed to overcome that in style:

The puzzle below is based on one of the stories in Vanished: True Stories of the Missing. (This one.)

Thank you to Frostburg for this most fun invitation. Hope to be back that way again.

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