Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jingle Bill Rock

And so concludes the longest content lapse I have allowed since launching this blog in early 2008. To those who noticed, I apologize. To trot out that old chestnut on a day when chestnuts are especially apropos, the radio silence was due to circumstances beyond my control.

To resume, I’m honored to share that Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman has been named to multiple “best of 2012” lists and holiday gift guides. (Hey, there are still ten more shopping hours till the end of Christmas!) 

USA Today 12/14/12

holiday gift guide to the best graphic novels of the year 

“Deeply researched…revelatory” 

Special thanks to David Colton, who also put Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman on the front page of the Life section of USA Today.

I’m not only thrilled but also relieved that my book got ink in USA Today. This is because, in August, I was told that the paper would cover the book somehow. Of course, I didn’t take that as a guarantee, but did feel confident it would probably happen…so when I designed Bill the Boy Wonder promotional postcards, in August, I included USA Today on the “as seen in” list.

Even if the book ultimately did not make it in, it would still not be a lie per se—or so I rationalized—because Boys of Steel had been in USA Today. If anyone asked, I would claim that “as seen in” referred not specifically to the Batman book but rather to me as an author. I’m glad this didn’t come to pass because no one would have believed me. 

Washington Post 12/23/12

comics gift guide: 12 favorite reads of 2012 

Number one, baby! (Disclaimer: They are not ranked qualitatively.)

“Deftly, with care, give[s] Finger his due”

Thank you again to Michael Cavna, who also covered the book earlier this year.

MTV Geek

best graphic novels of 2012

Ditto thanks to Valerie Gallaher (and company), who ran perhaps the funniest Bill-related headline of the year.

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

2012 Guide Book to Gift Books

“Meticulously researched” 


best kids’ books of 2012


Lastly, I’m flattered that the trailer for Bill the Boy Wonder made the list of “best Batman-themed picture book trailers of 2012.” (Disclaimer: this is a list of one, and self-generated.)

Thank you again, kind reviewers. And thank you also to readers, young and young at heart, who have privately given me equally humbling reviews of a book that has been so very special to me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I just figured you were taking a well-needed break after the tireless promotional work you did in advance of the release of Bill the Boy Wonder.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thank you! So kind of you to notice! Yes, I was consumed with that, and other things, but it's no excuse!