Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heroes for Literacy

My second time at the Colorado Council International Reading Association has surpassed the first. What some participants have called the best state IRA conference in the country gets such praise due to a strong selection of sessions, fun staff, fun attendees, fun authors, and a fun location. Special props to conference chair Mary Jo Ziegman for pulling this off with efficiency, sincerity, and a sense of humor.

I was born for this year’s theme, Heroes for Literacy. You could walk barely five feet in the hotel lobby without coming across a superhero-themed sign or other decoration.

I was heartened by the reaction to my two sessions; enthusiasm, appreciation, no nodding off.

Though I feel like I know author Chris Barton well, this was only my second time hanging out with him in person (first time was in 2009). Luckily, next time I will see him will be far sooner than four years—or even four months. We’re on panel together at the International Reading Association Convention in April.

At my first CCIRA, I came away with Alan Katz as a friend, and he was here this time as well. Adding to the mix was Gordon Korman, whom I’d not met before. One night, a lively group of teachers from Colorado asked the three of us for our signatures…on ketchup bottles. I suppose that is a bond for life in all directions.

(2/26/13 addendum: Where the ketchup went from here.)

Bill Finger was born in Denver. This week, he came home:


Anonymous said...

I think you meant lively, smart, and funny teachers :) Thanks for the ketchup!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Indeed I did! See amended version.