Thursday, February 7, 2013

School visit in the birthplace of Bill Finger

On 2/6/13, I visited my first Denver school since Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman has come out. I single out Denver because it is the city in which Bill Finger was born.

My appearance at West Woods Elementary in Arvada was about two years in the making and the school was a lovely host. 

One highlight was when a student asked me how I could have written as many books as I have when I'm only in my "thirties or twenties." Forty-year-old me said "Some are short."

Another was when a student hand-delivered a string-bound pile of handmade thank you cards from her class maybe an hour or so after their presentation ended.

A third was this line from one of the cards: "One thing that I will remember [about your presentation] is that even if you are crazy nervous, that you don't let it stop you."

A fourth was a line from another card: "Your presentation was as golden as the sun."

So were you, West Woods, home of the wolves and the very cool gym wall painting.

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