Thursday, April 11, 2013

Readers choosing book covers

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert took to the net to determine which of three covers would grace her latest, a novel called The Signature of All Things.

(The winner.)

I love when we do this. Not like it happens very much at all.

I sort of did it for Vanished: True Stories of the Missing; I had only one cover to show, but I was asking for readers’ opinions. (Namely, if it was too creepy.)

I also sort of did it with Thirty Minutes Over Oregon; that time I had seven covers to show (one of which is immediately below), but I was asking for readers to weigh in not on those covers but on the project as a whole.

And if given the chance, I’d love to make like Gilbert in the future, since the web allows publishing to be more collaborative than ever. Readers as co-creators.

Do you know of any other authors who polled the public on a choice of book covers?

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