Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The only three celebrities

Having lived in New York for seven years and Los Angeles for almost three, I have come across a few celebrities (not counting musicians at concerts, participants in my “Super ‘70s and 80s” interview series, famous faces at fancy functions, or fellow kidlit authors). I must admit that I have not kept in touch with any of them.

But I did get my picture taken with three (only one of whom was in NYC or LA at the time). How is this for an unlikely trio?

Elle MacPherson, 1991, New Haven (I had just had my wisdom teeth out)

Dan Aykroyd, 1994, Los Angeles (I had just had a bad haircut, apparently)

Sumner Redstone, 1994 (yes, he counts!), Waltham, MA

Some of the ones who got away...

New York:

  • Donald Trump (I held door for him...at Trump Tower) 1994
  • Adrian Zmed (supermarket) 1995
  • Ric Ocasek (street) circa 1995
  • Jennifer Aniston (street) circa 1996
  • Abe Vigoda (restaurant) 1996
  • Kevin Spacey (hotel lobby) 2002
  • Christopher Lloyd (sidewalk cafĂ©) circa 2002
  • Allison Mack (street) 2006
  • Paul Simon (street) 2007
  • Spike Lee (driving) 2008
  • Tyra Banks (I held door for her at Barney's) 2008
  • Josh Hartnett (coming out of A&E) 2010
  • Rick Springfield (BookExpo America)
  • Emma Thompson (near the Plaza Hotel) 2016

Los Angeles:

  • Scott Valentine (supermarket) 1997 or 1998 (but see 2/28/18 below)
  • Michael Keaton (going into tanning place) 1998
  • Paul Reiser 1998
  • Norm MacDonald (outside a cinema) 1998
  • Donald Sutherland (post office) 1998
  • Mark Harmon 1998
  • George Clooney (restaurant; table next to me) circa 1999
  • Cindy Crawford (same restaurant, same night!) circa 1999
  • Woody Harrelson (driving) circa 1999
  • Barry Manilow (in a glossy stage outfit…in a Borders) circa 1999
  • Michael Crighton (also in a bookstore) circa 1999
  • Zach Galifianakis (Tanner's Coffee, Culver City) 2018

on a plane/in an airport:

  • Al Gore circa 2002
  • Ice Cube 2007
  • Donny Osmond 2008
  • LeAnn Rimes 2012
  • Michael Shannon 2015


  • Debbie Gibson (at a CT amusement park where I worked) 1989
  • Dustin Diamond (Las Vegas hotel lobby) 2007
  • Lindsay Lohan (Las Vegas restaurant) 2008
  • Micky Dolenz (DC hotel bar) 2012

Will you be next?

8/13/13 addendum: 

Huey Lewis, Wolf Trap, Virginia; he is only my favorite of all time

2/13/14 addendum:

Ally Sheedy, New York

5/5/14 addendum:

Kevin Smith, New York (selfie!)

2/28/18 addendum:

Scott Valentine (Nick on Family Ties), Los Angeles

11/7/23 addendum:

Henry Winkler (and my lifelong friend Kevin), Washington DC

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