Monday, September 30, 2013

Bill Finger’s family tree

Here is a family tree for Bill Finger, uncredited co-creator of Batman and star of Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. Now in convenient list format! (Translation: I don't know how to make a family tree graphic.)

Names in blue were deceased before I started my research.

Names in red are people I spoke with.

Names in black are people I have not found...yet.

  • Louis Finger (Bill’s father; born c. 1891 in Poland; died 2/7/61 in the Bronx)
  • Tessie Finger (Bill’s mother; born c. 1892 in New York; died 3/28/61 in the Bronx)
  • Milton Finger (changed to “Bill” after high school; born 2/8/14 in Denver, CO; died 1/18/74 in Manhattan)
  • Emily (Bill’s sister; born 10/18 in New York)
  • Gilda (Bill’s sister; born circa 1930 in New York)
  • Portia Finger (Bill’s first wife; born Ethel Epstein 4/21/20 in Jersey City, NJ; died 1/2/90 in Manhattan)
  • Irene Flam (Portia’s twin sister; Bill’s sister-in-law; died 1993)
  • Judy Flam (Bill’s niece)
  • Eric Flam (Bill’s nephew)
  • Frederic Finger (commonly called Freddie or Fred; Bill’s only child; born 12/26/48 in Manhattan; died 2/15/92 in Brooklyn)
  • Edith (now Lyn) Simmons (Bill’s second wife, 1960s; born 1922)
  • Bonnie Burrell (Fred’s wife, 1970s)
  • Charles Shaheen (Fred’s roommate and inheritor of Batman royalties after Fred’s death; died 2002 in Manteo, NC)
  • Jesse Maloney (acquaintance of Charles Shaheen’s; after Charles’s death, he claimed to be Fred’s brother to receive Batman royalties, and did from 2002-2007)
  • Athena Finger (Fred’s only child; born 1976)

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