Monday, September 30, 2013

Bill Finger’s family tree

Here is a family tree for Bill Finger, uncredited co-creator of Batman and star of Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. Now in convenient list format! (Translation: I don't know how to make a family tree graphic.)

Names in blue were deceased before I started my research.

Names in red are people I spoke with.

Names in black are people I have not found...yet.

  • Louis Finger (Bill’s father; born c. 1891 in Poland; died 2/7/61 in the Bronx)
  • Tessie Finger (Bill’s mother; born c. 1892 in New York; died 3/28/61 in the Bronx)
  • Milton Finger (changed to “Bill” after high school; born 2/8/14 in Denver, CO; died 1/18/74 in Manhattan)
  • Emily (Bill’s sister; born 10/18 in New York)
  • Gilda (Bill’s sister; born circa 1930 in New York)
  • Portia Finger (Bill’s first wife; born Ethel Epstein 4/21/20 in Jersey City, NJ; died 1/2/90 in Manhattan)
  • Irene Flam (Portia’s twin sister; Bill’s sister-in-law; died 1993)
  • Judy Flam (Bill’s niece)
  • Eric Flam (Bill’s nephew)
  • Frederic Finger (commonly called Freddie or Fred; Bill’s only child; born 12/26/48 in Manhattan; died 2/15/92 in Brooklyn)
  • Edith (now Lyn) Simmons (Bill’s second wife, 1960s; born 1922)
  • Bonnie Burrell (Fred’s wife, 1970s)
  • Charles Shaheen (Fred’s roommate and inheritor of Batman royalties after Fred’s death; died 2002 in Manteo, NC)
  • Jesse Maloney (acquaintance of Charles Shaheen’s; after Charles’s death, he claimed to be Fred’s brother to receive Batman royalties, and did from 2002-2007)
  • Athena Finger (Fred’s only child; born 1976)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

In the film Batman and Bill, Fred is dead when Bill is recognized and receives credit. It appears from the notes in your 'chart' that Fred was receiving Batman royalties.
Is there something I'm not understanding ?

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