Friday, September 6, 2013

Duran Duran/ZZ Top reunion

One of the perks of doing a research-intensive project like “The Girl in the Video” is the semi-frequent opportunity to reconnect people who’d lost touch.

One of the most special reunions I’ve had some small part in: Wendy Frazier (star of ZZ Top’s “Legs”) and Julie Anne Rhodes (ex-wife of Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes). Before my ‘80s series launched, these two onetime besties had not seen each other in about twenty years.

I’ll let Julie Anne tell the rest of the story. But this photo (courtesy of Julie Anne) sets it up:

I am so happy about this that I feel like I knew them back when they were last hanging out. In reality, I have not met (or even talked on the phone with) either of them.

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