Friday, May 30, 2014

Full video of "Batman at 75" panel at the Paley Center

Kevin Conroy, Chip Kidd, Kevin Smith, Michael Uslan, and I were told that only a three-minute clip of our 5/5/14 panel would be posted.

But we were then surprised with the whole thing.

Thank you to Travis Langley for recapping Bill Finger highlights of the panel, some of which I am restating here:

  • 37:00 Whitney asks the question that leads me to talk about Bill.
  • 41:30 Michael honors Bill in this year of Bills 100th birthday by introducing granddaughter Athena Finger, who was in attendance.
  • 54:00 Marc discusses what Bill belonging Charles Sinclair gave to him.
  • 1:00:00 Audience questions begin. The first person asks Marc about the most surprising thing hed discovered when researching Bill.

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