Friday, May 16, 2014

Pakistani teacher got his tablet PC, but…

In March 2014, I put out a call to raise money to buy and send a tablet PC to a teacher in Pakistan who emailed me about the pathetic (his word) state of education there.

My network came through and then some, which means Tayyab gets his tablet and then some (namely a Bluetooth keyboard and a case).

In exchange for the computer shown above, Tayyab agreed to send me photos of himself and his students with said computer.

 Tayyab; three of his students are below

Thank you again to the following for contributing (many of whom generously disregarded my request for donations of $5):

Lara N.
Rafael N.
Cristina P.
Michelle B.
Shira R.
Judy P.
Becca L.
Karen Y.
Bruce S.
Kristin C.
Mandee J.
Alison S.
Lauren D.
Paula Y.
Brad R.
Adam G.
Karen C.
Deborah M.
Candice G.
Anne K.
Elizabeth S.
Jennifer M.
Dara K.
Judy S.
David L.
Donna B.
Brett C.

But there is a

Though I sent the tablet on 3/25/14, customs held up delivery until 5/8/14.

And not without cost.

Tayyab had to pay 15,631 Pakistani rupees in duties and taxes... 7,391 in storage and civil aviation charges, none of which could have been calculated and paid for up front along with shipping.

In dollars, this totals more than $230—and therefore more than the cost of the tablet itself ($200 before tax, not to mention the $192 to FedEx it).

I asked Tayyab what his monthly salary is.

He said 20,000 Pakistani rupees—about $203.

He had to take out a loan just to receive this shipment, adding

Marc I am the breadwinner for my family. I just requested you the Tablet PC so that it can facilitate ELT [English Language Teaching] over here. I am myself giving interviews for IELTS tutor but there are not much students in institutes so I do not get appropriate salary. I am still trying everyday as I really believe in POSITIVE THINKING! I know I just request you always of certain things but I see HOPE in your being.

So the tablet he asked me to send for his students ended up costing him more than if he had just bought it himself.

And I feel horribly.

So I’d like to work together again to reimburse Tayyab for these charges.

I’m asking the same as before: if you would like to help, please simply PayPal me $5; to do that, you don’t need a PayPal account yourself. All you need is approximately 27 seconds and my email,

To pay off Tayyab’s debt, let’s make it an even $250. That’s only 50 people contributing only $5. (Of course, should you wish to give more, that will be gladly welcomed.)

Like the last round of fundraising, once we hit the goal, I’ll stop accepting donations.

Thank you for whatever you are willing to do.

And in any case, Tayyab and his students do have a device that he thinks will make a significant difference in his work, and their future.

5/20/14 addendum: You did it again! Thank you again to those who contributed to reimburse the $250 in taxes that Tayyab incurred for receiving the tablet:

* = also contributed to the cost of the tablet/shipping

Brad R. *
Lauren D. *
Shawn P.
Bruce S. *
Paul M.
Deb M. *
Nick B.
Jim M.
Roz E.
Travis L.
Michelle B. *
Nora B.
Brian A.
Ross G.
Chris T.
Chris G.
Alison S. *
Annie K. *
Karen C. *

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