Saturday, December 12, 2015

Addicted to lies

Within two weeks of each other, two people commented here that they each know a (different) woman who claims she was one of the five “bandmates” in the iconic 1986 “Addicted to Love” video…yet not one of the five I featured.

One is a high school English teacher named Anita Dowd.

The other is named Alison-Louise Mitchell.

However, I tracked down and interviewed all five women from the video, and all five know one another, and none knows the names of these other two, so it’s a rather bizarre bid for attention or…something.

From one of the five ATL ladies:

Many have claimed otherwise, but we five are without a doubt the girls in the original ‘Addicted’ video. It’s actually quite easy to get away with claiming to be in it as the makeup is difficult to see through…until you put our faces next to our younger ones and you can see it was us.”

2014 reunion

I couldn’t resist the title of this post, but concede that it is too harsh and maybe inaccurate. There are other explanations for these claims.

Perhaps the people posting about Anita and Alison-Louise are sincerely misremembering the reality. Perhaps those women were on set but as musicians, not models. Or perhaps they were dancers in another Robert Palmer video. Perhaps Anita and Alison-Louise did say they were ATL women, but as a joke that was taken for truth. Perhaps they were so under the influence of something in the ‘80s that they genuinely believed they were in the video. And so on.

By the way, did you spot me in Madonna’s “Vogue”?

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rocketdave said...

I know I mentioned this once before in response to a previous post about Bob Kane's niece contesting the notion that her uncle wasn't the sole creator of Batman, but I can't help but be reminded again of the guy who spent his life telling everyone that he co-wrote the "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" song under the pseudonym Paul Vance. It probably seemed to him like a harmless lie to impress people, until his obituary repeated his claim, causing some annoyance to the real, still-living Paul Vance and his family.