Friday, December 4, 2015

Desk desk evolution

Who takes a picture of his desk?


1988 (childhood home; Connecticut)

 1990 (childhood home; Connecticut)

1991 spring (college; Massachusetts)

1991 fall (college; Massachusetts)

 1992 (childhood home; Connecticut)

1992 (college; Massachusetts)

1993 (college; Massachusetts)

 1995 (home; New York)

 1995 (work; New York)

 1998 (California)

 1999 (California)

 2002 (New York)

 2002 (Connecticut)

 2008 (Connecticut);
starting here, look for Bill Finger’s paperweight;
the books on the left on the flatbed scanner were
references for Fairy Spell

 2011 (Maryland)

 2015 (Maryland)

 2017 (Maryland); standing desk!

And just because who would have thought such a photo a) was ever taken and b) would still be around today…

 BILL FINGER’S DESK, circa 1945

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