Monday, February 8, 2016

An apt week to be in Denver

On Monday 2/1/16, I flew to Denver—many hours earlier than planned. I was originally booked on a flight set to arrive at 8:30 p.m., and had my first school visit scheduled for Tuesday morning, but upon learning the Saturday before of a winter storm bearing down, I waited for the travel advisory to be issued (it was on Sunday morning) so I could change my flight for no charge. Reducing the risk of not getting there as much as possible, I opted for the flight departing at 5:40 a.m.

Good thing, too. That flight arrived before noon, no delays. And the snow arrived after noon. My original flight was indeed canceled.

But then, so was school on Tuesday. So I got to Denver in time to have a day in a hotel.

I had two hourlong presentations (at different schools) booked for Tuesday, and was able to reschedule one for later in the week. The other will get first priority on my next return.

I spoke at four other schools, all lovely. I spoke three times at CCIRA, the Colorado Council International Reading Association conference, on Thursday. And on Saturday, I ran two writing workshops for middle schoolers as part of a program related to CCIRA. 

My conference badge showed I was in for a good time. 

Thank you to Amy Nicholl, Cindi Bryant, and all others who helped me be a part of this event, my third time (after 2010 and 2013).

This was an apt time to be in Denver is because it was the buildup week to the Broncos playing in Super Bowl 50 AND the buildup to the 102nd birthday of Bill Finger—who was born in Denver. The sweatshirt of this Littleton Academy student (Brady) could not have been more appropriate. And I’m not even a football watcher.

At Littleton, a first: a student (Sam) gave me a tour of the school. I am a big fan of schools that empower students with leadership opportunities—making the morning announcements, introducing guest speakers, etc.

Also at Littleton: even before I left the building, one of the teachers showed me work her students created immediately after the assembly.

They designed memorials for Bill, their native son.

I’m told more are on the way.

And I believe that an actual Bill Finger memorial in Denver is possible…with a little help from the kids. Stay tuned…

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