Friday, February 19, 2016

Best of the blog 2015

This blog launched on 2/19/08.

Every February 19, I share what I feel have been the previous twelve months posts with the most.

This years elite:

transcends category

Bill Finger will now be officially credited on Batman
fans, celebrities, and media respond to Bill Finger credit announcement
Bill Finger credit begins to appear on TV shows and in comics
making the case that Bill Finger deserves co-creator status 
top 10 pop culture moments of 2015


Robert vanMaanen, who as a boy in the early 1970s befriended his neighbor, Bill Finger
Lee Ann Marie, the girl in the video for the 1984 Survivor song “I Can’t Hold Back”…and the unofficial 2015 sequel video
Howard Murphy, who played the first live-action Green Lantern (in the two-part 1979 TV special Legends of the Superheroes)


feedback: Tennessee Association of School Librarians conference 2015
feedback: Charlotte S. Huck Children's Literature Festival 2015
feedback: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Children’s Literature Conference 2015
how I got to the American Association of School Librarians 2015 conference
mentioning a person is gay in rural Tennessee schools 


what Bill Finger left behind


Proust Questionnaire: Kidlit Edition
your life is nonfiction
my book dedications
my picture book pantheon


Co-Creator, the (first) play about Bill Finger
visiting the Taj Mahal (don’t miss the time-lapse video) and the site where Gandhi was assassinated
Bill Finger action figure 
wordplay with “Bill,” “Finger,” and “bat” in Bill the Boy Wonder
a mural tribute to the 1970s Sea World water skiing superheroes show
my college paper on The New Yorker magazine
me at famous historical sites
the Phi Beta Kappa cartoon controversy
rejections for my cartoons
two published insults to Bill Finger, one early and one posthumous
superheroes who are not called superheroes  
I was a teenage photographer

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