Friday, July 8, 2016

Rooftop twilight photo shoot

On 7/6/16, at 8 pm, a clandestine meeting took place on the top floor of an otherwise deserted DC-area parking garage...and neither party was named Deep Throat II.

It was much more mundane—but still fun. Bethesda Magazine is doing a story on my Bill Finger efforts for the September/October 2016 issue and wanted some dramatic, Gothamesque photos to go along with it.

Moody twilight sky: check.
Sleek, tall(ish) buildings: check.
Imposing physique with intimidating expression: oops.

Two out of three was good enough. 

The photographer, Michael, took some shots with me standing with one foot on a small guard rail and the other on a small stepladder he'd brought. When I suggested I stand instead on a (fairly wide) ledge that would offer a more striking skyline background, he nervously agreed, saying it's usually the other way around: usually he is asking the subject to do something anxiety-producing.

Not your father'sor anyone else'sBatman.

The shoot mildly and temporarily freaked out a couple of people who had just moved into the building behind me (which is new and which Michael thought was still vacant).

In an hour's span, from sunset to near-dark, we were done.

Thank you, Michael and son, for your time and graciousness. 

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