Monday, July 30, 2018

Missed two anniversaries by one year

My two nonfiction picture books out this year are one year late for notable anniversaries.

Fairy Spell: How Two Girls Convinced the World That Fairies Are Real is the story of two girls (you got that already) who, over three years, took five photographs of what they claimed were real fairies. The first photo (which became the most famous) was taken in 1917.

We just missed the 100th anniversary.

Thirty Minutes Over Oregon: A Japanese Pilot's World War II Story recounts the first (and still-only) time an enemy country successfully bombed the United States mainland. Actually, Japan did it twice in three weeks, both in September 1942. (It was the Japanese response to the Doolittle Raid of April 1942.) 

We just missed the 75th anniversary.

But considering neither of these events is well known, it's no great marketing sin.

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