Monday, October 1, 2018

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018

I've been to San Diego Comic-Con (properly called Comic-Con International) three times and New York Comic Con twice, but never Baltimore Comic-Con (a "neighborhood" con since I live in Maryland)...till now.

Sandwiched between Jim Steranko and Frank Miller, which is not remotely intimidating, I told a lovely audience about my nine-year fight to get Bill Finger credit on Batman.

I was assigned a big room and was humbled that it was not mostly empty.

Note: This photo (courtesy John Trumbulldeceivingly 
makes it look mostly empty.

This photo (courtesy Baltimore Comic-Con's Facebook page) 
gives a different view.

Though I love giving this talk, the highlight of the event was the chance to meet several comics creators I've loved since childhood:

José Luis García-López, tied with Jim Aparo 
as my favorite superhero artist of all time

Joe Staton, who co-illustrated a book I wrote 
but whom I'd not met in person before

Tony Isabella, who reminded me that he and I have already met, 
but a decade ago, and I don't remember details; 
was so green at the time, I didn't know which end was up

Mike W. Barr, who bravely and boldly spoke up for Bill Finger...
and paid a price for it (he's thanked in Batman & Bill)

I also met the ultra-sharp Marc Andreyko, who tweeted highly nice things about Batman & Bill. That Marc did this Marc two additional kindnesses: he introduced me to Tom King as he passed by and he proposed a cool idea for San Diego next year; stay tuned on that. As for Tom, weirdly, when I spoke at an international school in Guatemala in February, I learned that not one but two of the teachers there are related to his wife.

Jim Steranko and I had a brief moment to chat between our appearances. He gripped both my hand and shoulder firmly, thanked me for what I did for Bill Finger, and SAID WE SHOULD WORK TOGETHER ON SOMETHING. I thanked him for helping to document Bill (so few did) and said I'd be honored (though we both know it'll never happen).

photo courtesy John Trumbull

I showed up at tables for Mark Waid and Jerry Ordway, but neither was there yet and I could not return later. The other legend on my to-see list was Ramona Fradon, but I did not have time to seek her out.

It was a thrill to meet José, Joe, Mike, Marc, and Tom and a pleasure to see Tony and Jim again. Thanks again to BCC for including me in the festivities. 

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