Sunday, December 2, 2018

Best wrong-but-really-right number ever

In 2013, I was prepping round 2 of my "girl in the video" series for which I tracked down and interviewed 50 or so iconic 1980s MTV ingenues from "Sister Christian" to all five women in the "Addicted to Love" band. 

I was looking for Cindy Horn, the woman in the video for Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters."

On a public records site I have often used for research, I found what was listed as her number and called. Her husband answered. Mildly annoyed yet still polite, he said I was actually using his private home line. I apologized and told him where I got it. He said he hates when that happens. I understand.

Her husband is Alan Horn, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

But he took my info and gave Cindy the message.


Marc Edward Heuck said...

Whoa, so she's the mother of the equally fetching Cody Horn from MAGIC MIKE?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...


Shana said...

great story! I hope she calls you back!