Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Superheroes with swords

Most DC Comics superheroes in present-day settings did not originate with swords, but a good number went on to use them at one point. Some (Wonder Woman, Robin) even adopted a sword as a regular weapon. 

Not including medieval characters (Silent Knight, Shining Knight) and characters who debuted with swords (Katana, Azrael), below is a gallery of mainstream DC heroes who took up the blade. To maximize the drama, I focused only on comic book covers. The list is incomplete and the image shown is not necessarily the first time that character used a sword. Please identify any oversights in the comments.


 Wonder Woman

 Robin (Damian Wayne)

 Aquaman (Arthur Joseph Curry)


(most famously versus Ra’s al Ghul, 
but not shown on the cover of that issue so
I used this one instead)

 Green Lantern

Green Lantern again



Green Arrow

Black Canary



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