Friday, September 20, 2019

"Batman & Bill" airing in Spain

In honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary, Batman & Bill is debuting in Spain on the Spanish channel TCM España (TCM Spain) on Batman Day, September 21.

To coincide with that, the two most influential Spanish newspapers, El País and El Mundo, and Agencia EFE, the leading Spanish-language news agency (and fourth largest news agency in the world), interviewed me. 

The newspaper articles both end their headline with the word “father,” but only El Mundo refers to me throughout as “Tyler Nobleman.” (And not the first time someone has thought my last name was both words.)

El País 9/14/19: “Batman: 80 years without his real father”

El Mundo 9/20/19: “Crusade in favor of Batmans secret father”

Here is Agencia EFE coverage.

In late August, when a media agency asked if I could do these interviews, I said the best timing for me would be that week, before back-to-school craziness—unless I would first need to learn Spanish, in which case February (2021).

Muchas gracias to you all!

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