Saturday, September 21, 2019

"Batman & Bill" on Delta Air Lines

On a flight, a 4th grader sitting near me and looking at a seatback screen said “This guy looks like you.” 

No, it wasn’t Ed Sheeran or Sam Elliott. 

It was me—one of the movies Delta currently offers is Batman & Bill. (It’s not in the Movies/Documentary category; it’s under TV/Hulu.)

I regularly get tweets and emails asking when the film will come out on DVD. The answer, apparently, is never (and out of my hands). That doesn’t surprise me because Hulu, a streaming service, produced the film and the economics of not manufacturing physical copies seem to make sense.

But this is the third place besides Hulu where the film has run. First was on Australian TV in November 2018. Second was on New Zealand TV in June 2019. Fourth is Spanish TV on Batman Day 2019—today—in honor of Batman’s 80th anniversary.

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