Friday, November 22, 2019

AuthorFest in Newton, MA

On 11/6/19, I had the privilege of being one of about 25 authors to participate in the first AuthorFest of Newton, MA, organized by Creative Arts & Sciences. 

This gave me the opportunity to do the following:

  • return to the state where I attended and adored college (Brandeis University)
  • speak at Day Middle School, where the students were great and where I got the chance to see a college friend who teaches there for the first time since college; she appeared in a play I wrote (based on various tellings of Frankenstein) and directed
  • meet students from other schools at a collective book signing held that afternoon for several hours

  • meet in person authors/illustrators I’d previously known only through email; this included Scott Magoon and Matt Tavares
  • catch up with author friends I all-too-rarely see in person; this included Josh Funk
  • make new author friends 
  • get honked at a lot more than usual (a Massachusetts tradition)

They sent one cool thank you card:

Thank you again to Stacey Moriarty and your team for including me in what I feel was a smashing success!

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