Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Bill Finger to be inducted into New York State Writers Hall of Fame

Though he'll never win the Super Bowl, an Oscar, or the Democratic nomination, Batman co-creator Bill Finger is nonetheless catching up after 76 years of anonymity. 

After earning a book, a documentary, and a street renaming, all within a span of five years, he's now being inducted in the New York State Writers Hall of Fame, class of 2020 (along with Andrea Davis Pinkney, Garry Trudeau, and five more). 

This year, he beat out Edgar Allan Poe! (Ironically, another New York honor for Bill is Bill Finger Way, a street that runs along the south border of Poe Park...)

I learned the good news in December but had to keep mum till the Empire State Center for the Book announced the inductees on 2/4/20.

All inductees:

Save the date, New Yorkers: ceremony is June 2.

And thank you to those who tweeted your support for Bill. I believe it made a difference!

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hobbyfan said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Marc. If the ceremony's in Albany, I'll probably be there.