Tuesday, December 1, 2020

“Batman & Bill” makes multiple lists of best documentaries

Streaming recommendations features have likely become even more popular since the pandemic started. Here are a few sites that have kindly included Batman & Bill on best-of lists within the past year (always among humbling company):

  • Marie Claire (11/26/20; 20-item list)
  • Android Authority (9/1/20; this 12-item list may change as films come and leave the service)
  • Daily Dot (7/8/20; 12-item list); fuller review (6/30/20); “a must-watch for comics fans, and a gripping real-life story for the rest of us”
  • Mental Floss (1/10/20; 25-item list); unlike the lists above, this one is not limited to Hulu docs, making it an even bigger honor to be on it
  • The Cinemaholic (12/28/19; 15-item list); technically, this posted before it was widely known that we had a pandemic on our hands, but I recall that people streamed before COVID, too

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