Saturday, December 26, 2020

Justice League superhero pairs in DC logo box, 1990-92

Over two series and two-and-a-half years, on certain Justice League covers, DC Comics placed a pair of superheroes posing playfully at top left (below the logo). In all, thirteen heroes were featured.

  • Three of those characters (Flash, Elongated Man, Power Girl) made repeat appearances with a different partner. 
  • Two (Elongated Man, Power Girl) made repeat appearances in a different (arguably worse) costume.
  • Two pairs appeared only once: Flash/Power Girl, Elongated Man/Power Girl. (Dont feel bad, Power Girl; some characters did not appear at all.)
  • Three pairs were established buddies (Beetle/Booster, Fire/Ice, Flash/Green Lantern); the rest were more unlikely combos.

The first two pairs appeared on covers of Justice League America, the rest Justice League Europe.

Here is a collage gallery of each pairs first appearance:


Justice League America

  • Blue Beetle/Booster Gold - #36, 3/90
  • Fire/Ice - #37, 4/90

Justice League Europe

  • Metamorpho/Captain Atom - #13, 4/90
  • Elongated Man/Rocket Red - #18, 9/90
  • Flash/Power Girl - #20, 11/90
  • Aquaman/Crimson Fox - #40, 7/92
  • Flash/Green Lantern - #41, 8/92
  • Elongated Man/Power Girl - #43, 10/92

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