Sunday, January 10, 2021

Goodbye to my “Batman & Bill” desk

I pay attention to desks. Sometimes too much.

So it will not be out of character for me to announce the death of a former desk of mine: the one seen in Batman & Bill

It is not listed in the credits but it plays a critical role in the film: it is where I kept my computer, which is where I wrote the book that inspired the film. Very meta.

Full disclosure: it is not the desk on which I wrote the book (nor is it the computer), but even as a stand-in, it is special (at least to me).

But in between filming the documentary in the spring and summer of 2016 and the release of the doc in May 2017, I got a new desk—a standing desk. So my stalwart black wooden IKEA desk was relocated to my then-9-year-old son
s room until this week when he, too, got a standing desk. (They can make a positive difference in your daily health routine, especially when going to school from home.)

I am sentimental, but that comes with a size limit.

Outside for pickup.

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