Thursday, March 18, 2021

Comic book pages/panels that have stayed with me

Here are some of the comic book pages that lodged in my head when I was young (or sometimes simply younger) and have not left. I'm arbitrarily ending with the early 2000s.

Why these? Sometimes because of the words (if so, I've indicated), sometimes the art, sometimes both. Sometimes just one panel on the page. Though these are some of my favorite moments, not all of these are necessarily my favorite stories, nor are they all iconic stories.

If any more float to the surface of my nostalgia, I will add them.

Bold = last page of the story (added pressure to be memorable!).

Justice League of America #144, 1977
writer Steve Englehart, penciler Dick Dillin

The Brave and the Bold #145, 1978
writer Bob Kanigher, penciler Jim Aparo
The Phantom Stranger loses his hat! First time?

Showcase #100, 1978
writers Paul Levitz and Paul Kupperberg, penciler Joe Staton

Showcase #100

Super Friends #25, 1979
writer E. Nelson Bridwell, penciler Ramona Fradon

Super Friends #28, 1979
writer E. Nelson Bridwell, penciler Ramona Fradon

Justice League of America #200, 1981
writer Gerry Conway, penciler Pat Broderick

Justice League of America #200
penciler George Pérez

DC Special Series #27: Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk, 1981
writer Len Wein, penciler José Luis García-López

World's Finest #269, 1981
writer Gerry Conway, penciler Rich Buckler

The Brave and the Bold #192, 1982
writer Mike W. Barr, penciler Jim Aparo
the flashlight/x-ray vision panel

The Brave and the Bold #196, 1982
writer Bob Kanigher, penciler Jim Aparo

The Brave and the Bold #196

The Flash #327, 1983
writer Cary Bates, penciler Carmine Infantino
"This is my decision."

Justice League of America Annual #1, 1983
writers Paul Levitz and Len Wein, penciler Rick Hoberg

Justice League of America #223, 1983
writer Gerry Conway, penciler Chuck Patton
"The end, reptile."

Justice League of America #223

Crisis on Infinite Earths #2, 1985
writer Marv Wolfman, penciler George Pérez
"Dear God—what is happening?"

Crisis on Infinite Earths #5

Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
"But we...but we had a casualty."

Crisis on Infinite Earths #7
"And I grieve."

Superman Annual #11, 1985
writer Alan Moore, penciler Dave Gibbons

Superman Annual #11

Superman Annual #11

DC Comics Presents #85, 1985
writer Alan Moore, penciler Rick Veitch
"The Man of Tomorrow is heading south to die."

Batman #405 (Year One), 1987
writer Frank Miller, penciler Dave Mazzucchelli
"You have eaten well."

World's Finest #3, 1990
writer Dave Gibbons, artists Steve Rude and Karl Kesel

World's Finest #3, 1990

World's Finest #3, 1990
(see similar Aquaman pose in Aquaman: Time & Tide #1, below)

The Flash #54, 1991
writer William Messner-Loebs, penciler Greg LaRocque
"I can't fly. I'm just a guy who runs fast."

Aquaman: Time & Tide #1, 1993
writer Peter David, penciler Kirk Jarvinen
(see similar Superman pose in World's Finest #3, above)

The Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, 1994
writers Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, penciler Bruce Timm

Batman Annual #18, 1995
writer Doug Moench, penciler Frederico Cueva
(who says comics aren't educational?)

The Flash #107, 1995
writer Mark Waid, penciler Oscar Jimenez

Green Arrow #100, 1995
writer Chuck Dixon, penciler Jim Aparo

Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2, 1996
writers Mark Waid and Fabian Nicieza, penciler Darick Robertson

Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #2

JLA #3, 1996
writer Grant Morrison, penciler Howard Porter
"I know your secret."

Nightwing Annual #1, 1996
writer Devin Grayson, penciler Greg Land

JLA #6, 1997
writer Grant Morrison, penciler Howard Porter

JLA #21, 1998
writer Mark Waid, penciler Arnie Jorgensen

JLA in Crisis: Secret Files & Origins, 1998
"Origin Story: The Flash's Infinite Crises"
writer Tom Peyer, penciler Rags Morales
"It's called the human condition, my friend...
and I don't get it either."

JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant, 1999
"Communications Error"
writer Dwayne McDuffie, penciler Gordon Purcell

Superman: War of the Worlds, 1999
writer Roy Thomas, penciler Michael Lark

The Titans #14, 2000
writer Devin Grayson and Brian K. Vaughan, penciler Cully Hamner

The Titans #14
"Thank you, fearless leader."

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #3, 2003
writer/penciler Matt Wagner

Aquaman #13, 2003
writer John Ostrander, penciler Jim Fern

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