Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Bill Finger to be inducted into New York State Writers Hall of Fame: UPDATE

So this event did not happen in 2020 as planned. I'll give you (COVID) 19 guesses why...

The induction ceremony for the New York State Writers Hall of Fame changed dates several times, ultimately landing on 6/8/21. It will be virtual, and all induction speeches will be precorded.

As you can see, another inductee is one of my own: fellow author of books for young people Andrea Davis Pinkney.

Tickets are only $5 and support the Empire State Center for the Book.

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Chris LaForce said...

Hi, Mark. What you have accomplished for Bill Finger is wonderful! It is heartwarming to read about his induction into the New York State Writers Hall of Fame!

BTW, I completed my David and the Phoenix sequel long ago. I began seeking a publisher and got as far as a second reading from one, but have put the search on hold for the present. I felt the need to complete a biography, first, but will return to the publishing pursuit in the fairly near future. Best, Chris LaForce