Saturday, April 15, 2023

Two last minute bookings at San Antonio schools

On 3/31/23, I finalized a trip to speak at schools in San Antonio the week of 4/10/23. Yes, only a week in advance.

But once I was in San Antonio, I topped that—booking a school for the next day.

I often assure schools that booking me is “easy like Sunday morning.” This is living proof!

The four schools I visited were warm and welcoming. One of them, Evers Elementary, had hosted me before, and may again for the third time when I return to San Antonio in September. 

The memorable week kicked off with some BBQ with fellow author Don Tate, whom I’d not seen since before COVID.

Two especially memorable aspects of the trip:

  1. Evers paid it forward, offering to cover my honorarium for a Title 1 school to book me as well. This gesture makes hearts soar…and I’ve experienced it before. This was the brainchild of the Evers PTA, whom I thanked/praised in person, and now again. 
  2. One of my hosts, Francie Ingram, and I determined that we hail from the same small-ish town in Connecticut, Cheshire, though we didn’t live there at the same time.

Another observation, at Folks Middle: they use higher chairs for the kids in the back. Seemingly obvious, but I don’t recall seeing this at a school before!

A brief opinion poll, hoping to show that being forced to attend an assembly could be a good thing:

Thank you again to Amy, Francie, Monica, and Rosa!

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