Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Jerash—Greco-Roman ruins near Amman, Jordan

Part of a seriesMiddle East, October 2023:

I traveled to the Middle East for school visits, landing after midnight on 10/8/23. That afternoon, I explored Jerash, Greco-Roman ruins 45 minutes from Amman, Jordan. Technically, the modern city is called Jerash and the ruins are Gerasa. As a municipality, it may date as far back as 7500 BCE. Jesus allegedly passed through.

Arch of Hadrian

gladiator arena
(I would have, but forgot my armor.)

Temple of Zeus

South Theater
(the largest and oldest of the three theaters at the site)

South Theater 

Some evidence suggests bagpipes originated not in Scotland 
but rather the Middle East.

South Theater

oval plaza

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