Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books (besides mine) my name is in

Books that discuss my work on Bill Finger and Batman:

Books whose recommended reading list includes Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman:

Books that discuss Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman editorially:

Remarkable Books About Young People 
with Special Needs

Books whose bibliography includes Boys of Steel and whose acknowledgments mentions me:

Brads comment about me is extremely flattering; 

Books whose bibliography includes Bill the Boy Wonder and whose acknowledgments mentions me:

 The Caped Crusade: 
Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture
Books whose bibliography includes Boys of Steel: 

 Superman: The High-Flying History of
Americas Most Enduring Hero

Superman: The Unauthorized Biography

Superman Versus the Ku Klux Klan

First in another language!

Books whose acknowledgments mentions me:

The Bronze Age of DC Comics;
info or photos I provided on pages 225, 270
(note: 270 says some 23 skiers when the 
source states it was more than 23; also,
photo on 271 reversed...know how I know?)

Secret Identity;

Creators of the Superheroes

Billion Dollar Batman

 Can I See Your I.D.?;
I am not one of the imposters.
The Essential Business Buyers Guide;
one of my oldest friends
(since second grade)
co-authored this.

Julie was one of my Nickelodeon magazine editors.

The Castle on the Parkway;
this was Bill Fingers high school.

Are You Psychic?;
I connected author with publisher 
but am not sure I am in the book.
Its a companion to my Ghost Hunting.

Books that quote me:

Picturing the World;

Books to which I contributed an essay:

Hey Kids, Comics!

Plus books that feature my cartoons, including these.


  • I have not seen all of these books in the pulp.
  • My name may be in other books I dont know about.
  • You dont care.

1 comment:

Richard Bensam said...

"Are You Psychic? I connected author with publisher but am not sure I am in the book."

That answers one question, then. If you were psychic, you'd know whether or not you were in the book.

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