Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forbes feels it too

This blog presents me only as a writer, but I am also a (lapsed) cartoonist.

Ten years ago, after submitting hundreds of cartoons to multiple magazines for four months, I licensed my first, to a magazine you've never heard of.
I continued to draw and license cartoons intensely for three more years, but then my focus shifted almost fully to writing. I still license cartoons from my "inventory" (via my neglected other site, MTN Cartoons, which hasn't seen an update in four years, I think). However, currently I am not submitting cartoons anywhere on a regular basis nor am I creating new cartoons on spec. (I continue to jot down caption ideas and I am writing a second book of cartoons for Scholastic, only this time, someone else is illustrating.)

Last week, out of the bluetooth, I heard from one of my old cartooning clients: Forbes. They wanted to run a cartoon of mine that they'd been holding...since 2003. (And that was two years after I'd last licensed to them.) To my surprise, but then again not really, their pay rate has dropped dramatically since then, though when the economy permits, they want to bring it back up to what it was.

So here is the first cartoon of mine that Forbes has run since 2001.

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